Genuine Ultion keys

Ultion Keys

Your home is secured with a lock that has passed every security test. So, when it come to spare or replacement keys make sure you only use genuine Ultion keys. Genuine keys are forged and heat treated to make them stronger and harder.

Counterfeits will damage your lock and invalidate the guarantee.

Any company openly displaying prices like lock and key are NOT licensed, using cheap and brittle cast keys from China.

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Sheffield pickup 9am-3pm Monday to Thursday with postal keys to a different address in 48 hours.

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Only genuine Ultion keys guarantee protection

Counterfeit Ultion keys are a threat to your home security. Watch the video below to see a real-life example of the risks.

Ultion Key Cutting

There are 294970 unique key combinations that utilise all 11 pin positions. The key number is decoded using an encrypted security algorithm that licensed Ultion Key Centres have access to. Once decoded the precise indentations can be cut using specialist machines with dedicated tooling to exactly the right depth, in exactly the right position, on both sides of your key.

Ultion WXM Keys

How to recognise genuine Ultion keys from Ultion

If you don’t see the Ultion logo embossed on the key, don’t put it in your lock! It could break your lock entirely, invalidating your guarantee and leaving you stuck.

Genuine Ultion keys

The Logo

If you don’t see the Ultion logo embossed on the key, don’t put it in your lock! It could break your lock entirely, invalidating your guarantee and leaving you stuck.

The ULTION logo is raised on the handle to stop cheap copies from being made.

Where is My Key Code?

Your Ultion key code can be found engraved on the head part of your key. This begins with a U, X or C. We can cut your keys when you send your code along with the email address you used for your key control if you have set this up. We will engrave your code on your new key.

Ultion Spare Keys

For great value and quality Ultion spare keys use a Licensed Ultion Key Centre. Online shops that openly advertise a key price are not licensed key centres.

We Royal Mail your keys to an independant address within two days for £6.

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The Cost

We have fitted thousands of Ultion locks over the years and cut thousands of additional keys to bring the cost of Ultion keys down to the lowest price possible anywhere in the UK. Ultion locks are the best anti snap locks available.

Lowest Price

Your Ultion keys cost depends on factors such as availablilty of the blanks and the quantity we can cut in a day so we have carefully worked out our Ultion key costs to be the cheapest and best value in the UK.

SheffLOCK, 1117005

As one of only a few lincensed Ultion Key Centres in South Yorkshire we can get your keys cut for you locally and quickly. Call us for a fast free quote with next day delivery.

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Key Cap


Save getting your keys mixed up with these great accessories for your new Ultion Keys. Each coloured Ultion KeyCap can fit snuggly onto your key to increase comfort and identification.

Key Tag


The Ultion KeyLight is a great winter addition for dark nights when you struggle to see the lock. The KeyLight has an Easy press central button and lasts for a long time.

Key Tag


To locate your Ultion KeyTag, use the Apple Find My app or ask, “Siri, where are my keys?”. An alarm sound will indicate their position. The app will show the exact location of the lost keys.

Key Tag

Key Cap

Door Locks

One key can fit all the locks to your house with keyed-alike. Call us to discuss your key requirements for locked room management.

Key Tag

Garage Locks

You can install Ultion locks for your garage, greatly improving the security along with other garage door security measures.

Key Tag


When you need to use a padlock to secure your property then trust Ultion with its Molybdenum shackle and keyed-alike half cylinder.